6 Step Scholarship Process

[1] Complete an application form

Access the application via the link below.  Limited paper copies are also available at the high school guidance office.  

IMPORTANT:  When you are filling out the PDF, make sure to save a copy of it to your own Google Drive, then open it from either the Drive app on your iPad (not the Google Docs app), or open it using a PDF reader on a computer.  The Google Docs app will try to reformat the PDF into a Google Doc, which will delete the fields you need to fill it out.  

[2] Sign up for an interview

All seniors will be emailed a Sign Up Genius link in early January 2020. Interviews will be scheduled for the evenings of January 13, 16, 21 and 22, 2020. Be sure to write down your interview date and time as a reminder. 

[3] Bring your teacher appraisal form to your interview.

The teacher appraisal form must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the teacher’s signature across the seal.

[4] Participate in the interview

  • Interviews will be held January 13, 16, 21, 22, 2020 at JHS.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. Enter JHS at Door 2 (Activities Entrance).
  • Check in.
  • Interviews last approximately 5 minutes.

[5] Receive a Graduation Diploma from Johnston High School

In May 2020, you will be notified of the scholarship and the amount of the award.

[6] After Graduation, complete and submit the Policy and Institution Intent Form

  • This form must be completed by June 15, 2020.
  • If a school has not been selected by this time, the form MUST still be completed. The student can contact the committee later if a change needs to be made.

Please note: All of the above steps must be completed for qualification of a scholarship or the scholarship is forfeited. There will be no reminders or variances. Dragon Scholarship Fund is not responsible for lost mail. ALL SCHOLARSHIP DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

The Johnston Dragon Scholarship Fund Awards Committee reserves the right to disqualify an applicant from consideration of a scholarship if, in the discretion of the committee, the applicant's application is incomplete or fraudulent, or other circumstances relating to the integrity of the application process warrant disqualification. 

Apply Now

If you have received a Dragon Scholarship, please fill out the Award & Intent Form!

Application deadline is the time of your scheduled interview. Teacher appraisal letters must be signed and sealed upon interview. 

(Interviews will be held at JHS. Enter at Door 2.)

  • Complete the online application
  • Bring your completed teacher appraisal in a sealed and signed envelope.